Compassionate Correction

When God made us human, he deemed us very good. From the very beginning, we were made to flourish in relationship with one another. God has designed the local church to function like a family – we need one another. And one of the ways that we love and care for one another in this family is to submit ourselves to the compassionate correction of one another in order that we might be holy individually and collectively as the bride of Christ.

Christian Love In The Gray Areas

Transcript   Well, good morning. It is great to see you again. My name is Joe and one of the pastors here. And I'll tell you what I was so excited about today. There's so much great stuff happening. I had the opportunity to open God's word today. We had child...

Why We Should Pay The Pastor?

Transcript   That's good to know today, isn't it? It's good to know today. We're going to be in the book of First Corinthians. If I've not met you, if you're new. My name is Joe Valenti. I'm one of the pastors here. And it's a joy for me to worship with you today...